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Join the hundreds of musicians and composers who've discovered this unexpectedly easy method to composing cinematic music



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Simple and Accessible for All

Unlock the secrets of composing cinematic music even without any prior composing experience, with my easy-to-follow steps.

Expensive sample libraries not required

Learn a proven Orchestration framework to help you to achieve a rich and lush sound, without spending a ton on sample libraries.  

Compose around your busy schedule

 Discover how to compose cinematic music even with limited time each day, fitting seamlessly into your day to day routine.

You'll learn:

✔ My proven 4 step Composing framework walking you through developing your initial idea to a 2 minute piece

✔ How to Orchestrate the right way to achieve a rich and grand sound

✔ How to compose music that you are proud of, consistently

✔ How to build a habit of composing regularly in order to truly accelerate your composing progress

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