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About Simon & Composing Academy

 I have had a passion for writing music since I was in my early teens. I was lucky enough to have an amazing Music Department at Secondary School, which helped me enter into the world of composing.

However, for years I struggled with composing music. My computer was littered with DAW project files of short ideas I had written, but never finished.

 8 bars of a melody here, a chord progression there, random string ostinatos, with some percussion accompanying them.

 I knew I needed to further my education to gain knowledge & experience in this field if I wanted to become a composer & make money!


After studying for a composition degree at the Royal College of Music in London, I then continued my education on the world renowned Scoring for Motion Pictures and TV program at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles.


It was there that I started learning how to take those initial ideas and develop them further, along with the mockup and production techniques I needed to give my music a polished sound.

From there my career began. I left college and immediately went into an internship working at Hans Zimmer's Remote Control Studios before moving to an assistant role for Christopher Young.


I returned to the UK from Los Angeles in 2011 with the passion and drive to continue my career as a film composer.


Over the past 12 years I have been part of projects, written for libraries as well as film & taught. My true passion is passing on my knowledge to others and helping them start in the composing world. 

Composing Academy was launched in 2020 during the Covid Lockdown where I decided to start a business using my passion, composing film music. Since then, Composing Academy on YouTube has grown to nearly 60,000 subscribers and I have launched a course 'Cinematic Music Made Easy' as well as offering personal tuition. Composing Academy is there from the start of your composing journey helping you learn how to use DAW's, choose VST's and start writing music.

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